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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Nigeria ranks 31st the most corrupt country in the world

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 released by the Transparency International, has revealed that Nigeria is now ranks 31 among the most corrupt nations.
The Corruption Perceptions Index 2013, according to the TI serves as a reminder that the abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery continue to ravage societies around the world.
It was gathered by The Leadership  that “The index scores 177 countries and territories on a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). No country has a perfect score, and two-thirds of countries score below 50. This indicates a serious, worldwide corruption problem”.
 “The world urgently needs a renewed effort to crack down on money laundering, clean up political finance, pursue the return of stolen assets and build more transparent public institutions.
“It is time to stop those who get away with acts of corruption. The legal loopholes and lack of political will in government facilitate both domestic and cross-border corruption, and call for our intensified efforts to combat the impunity of the corrupt”. Countries that are rated as the best 17 in zero tolerance for corruption are Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, and Canada.
Others are Luxembourg, Germany, Iceland, United Kingdom, Barbados, Belgium and Hong Kong in that order.
However, both Denmark and New Zealand scored 91 per cent, both Finland and Sweden 89 per cent, Norway and Singapore 86 per cent, Australia and Canada 81, Germany and Iceland 78 while Barbados, Belgium and Hong Kong scored 75”.
However, while no African country makes the first 17, they dominate the first 10 while Nigeria ranks 31 on the list.

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