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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Oyo PDP Guber Primary: Oyelese, Babalola react

FOLARIN BETRAYED ME: Oyelese declares

I am highly constrained to make this public explanation as regards the last “theatre of the absurd” tagged PDP primaries in Oyo state this week and of particular concern to me is that of the Oyo Central Senatorial District.
It is now an open secret that those referred to as statutory delegates that participated in the primaries were products of the highly disputed and discredited congresses of 2012 whose results were falsified.
Certain inordinately ambitious elements in the party had hatched a fraudulent scheme to rig the 2014 primaries during the 2012 congress mentioned above. 
This they did by influencing a senior party officer in Abuja to remove almost all the genuine results obtained at the venue of the congresses with the ones compiled by the schemers in the comfort of their sitting rooms. This in essence means that the names of those who actually participated in the exercise were replaced by those who did not.
The case stated above was the genesis of what led the frustrated members of the party decamping into other parties since the incidence.
Since 2012, the illegally installed executives at ward, local government and state levels who in reality belong to Folarin faction have been running the affairs of the party. It is therefore unfortunate that the National Working Committee of our party was misled into constituting five members of the illegal executives per local government to be the electorates to pick candidates to fly the party’s flag.
By the day of the governorship primaries, which was 8th December, it was getting worrisome that the party was in trouble as many members were set to dump the party. This is because the primaries was already clearly that of a faction (Liberty Stadium Faction) of the party.
As a Founding Father of the party who was being prevailed upon by some of our leaders in Abuja to remain steadfast with the party, I decided to call Teslim Folarin on the morning of the primaries. I made it clear that as much as I wanted to be with the party as a Senatorial Aspirant I was reluctant as I don’t have any statutory delegates to participate in the primaries (the authentic list which contained the names of those of us who participated in the congress had been changed since 2012). He replied that “I don’t have any problem with that”. Just to be sure, I asked him to clarify the statement. He then told me that they would instruct the delegates to vote for me to emerge. This same issue was discussed with Chief Yekini Adeojo and Senator High Chief Lekan Balogun that same morning. It was based on this arrangement that I attended the primaries at the Liberty Stadium in order to sustain the house I helped to build.
As if to fully cement the deal, Folarin promised to come to the venue of the Senatorial primaries at an hotel that belongs to a member of his group. He actually came to the venue as promised (though it was only right for him to do so as he is also from the district).
To my utmost surprise, I noticed a lot of movement going on by a serving Senator who obtained the governorship form and remained in the race till the very last day. He neither obtained the Senatorial form nor came for any screening.
I called the attention of Senator Folarin's attention to what I saw and he replied that the serving senator’s ploy would not work as he wasn’t playing games otherwise he would not have come to the venue. 
I trusted him as it was not unusual in politics to get nominations through even without any primaries or through instructions as he promised to do. But as it finally turned out, not even one of the delegates voted for me which was the issue I raised with him before being re – assured. The factional statutory delegates had voted for their factional aspirants.
This is a terrible and undeserved betrayed by Folarin to my person. It is also a dangerous step for him as a candidate who is a terribly hard sell for the people of Oyo state to forment trouble for himself. What he did to me he also did to Hon Wale Adegoke who he schemed out with his (Folarin’s) factional delegates in other to pave the way for the third member of their group for the speakership position if he wins his election.
It is a pity that Folarin would choose to betray me of all people. It is on record that for his emergence as Senator in 2003, I got the ticket for him on a platter of gold as I did for Hon Adegoke for the House of Representatives.
We will wait to see how it all ends up now and in 2015.
It is necessary for people to have this true picture so as to know what took place in the Oyo central senatorial district and the position of things in PDP. It is unfortunate that as some of us who have a lot at stake as founding fathers who don’t want to see the house they built destroyed, some others who are opportunists are pulling down the house on themselves.
Elder C. Wole Oyelese

-Engr. Femi Babalola (Jogor)
The battle for who hoist the flag of our party in the 2015 gubernatorial election in Oyo State is not yet over. Yours truly shunned the charade called the primary held on Monday, December 8, due to logical reasons.
The said event was held in gross violation of the electoral guidelines as well as in defiant of a court injunction restraining the party from conducting the primary.
As a law abiding citizen, somebody who believes in doing things the right way and as somebody who is not afraid to test my popularity under a lawful setting, I decided to stay away the comedy that took place at the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium on Monday.
Be informed that I have written an appeal on the issue to the appropriate quarters. (Check Nigerian Tribune of Wednesday, December 10),for full details and contents of the appeal.
To my esteemed backers, the race for the PDP Governorship ticket in Oyo State is still unsettled and we are not ready to give up until things are done the right way to ensure the right and well accepted candidate emerges to represent our dear party come February, 2015.
While I want to thank you for your support and sincere concern, I want to urge you not to relent in your prayers. Let's jointly keep the dream alive, believing in God to take us to the promise land. Thanks and God bless you all.

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