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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Women club stages campaign on violence against women

The Zontal International club of Ibadan, Oyo state in Nigeria, a women's social club yesterday stage a campaign protesting on violence against women. 

The women are in their hundreds carrying placards with inscriptions saying "Zontal says no to violence against women", "women are delecate companion in progress" and among others as they thronged roads in the city of Ibadan.

Speaking to journalists, the president of the club, Prof. Funke Egunjobi said throughout the world, women suffer a lot from their male's counterparts saying some of their men beat them up and landed in the hospital.

She added that this is the reason the women society is pleading with the larger society, government and law-makers to enact laws to stop all the violence against women.

She maintained that this is 21st century in which the henious act of meting violence against women should have become things of the past by men seeing women as a delicate partners in progress.    
Also her vice, Mrs. Funke Olatunbosun stated that Zontals, which is in 67 countries, outrightly reject an act of battering women so that children can live with their parents happily.

She said, "if husband and wife are fighting, it means there is no joy in that house. So, we are encouraging men not to batter their wives but rather show them love so that their children will be happy and therefore, develop well physically and mentally".

She said though they are not encouraging women to be rude to their husbands but men should love them so that there will be happiness and unity and discourages children from becoming rogues, vagabonds and armed-robbers in our society.    

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