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Monday, 5 January 2015

Group courtesies President Goodluck Jonathan on re-election bid

 From Taiwo Oluwadare, Ibadan
As President Goodluck Jonathan will inaugurate his campaign team today in Abuja, ahead of the February 14 election, a group of youths called Youth Movement Towards Change (YMC) have stated their readiness to support the president on his re-election bid.

Speaking at the weekend during a press briefing in Ibadan, the National co-ordinator of the group, Mr. Lekan Osunleti said the youths have prepared their minds to support the president over his programs that are youth oriented like U-Win, SURE-P and among others that have empowered many small businesses to thrive.   

According to him, the mission of the group is using their platform to determine reliable politicians that are capable to stir the ship of Nigeria to a worthwhile destination with a vision to engender good governance that will promote economic and socio-political development in the country.

He added that their belief is, if his programs are sustained by re-electing him into office, a better future and greater nation will be enhanced saying this is the reason they have gathered and mobilize their fellow youths who make higher proportion of Nigerian population especially in the Southwest region to convince them that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is the best option.

Osunleti maintained the decision was reached after they have accessed the political development of the country and resolved to pledge their support for the incumbent president for his good initiative of conducting governance.

Also speaking was the General Secretary, Mr. Adeleke Onososen who said that President Jonathan is a man that has proven himself competent despite challenges of insurgency and pressure from opposition parties. 

Onososen said they are giving him their support not because of money motive neither did they support him because of religious or ethnic reason but because to enable him do more in office and because he is tested and trusted, a reason they are giving him another chance.   

He added that the president is youthful, energetic, loyal, ambitious, focused and amiable to weather the storm adding that part of their efforts to drum up support for him is embarking on a vigorous House to House campaign.

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