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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Renowned developer, Prince Kazeem Eletu errects exquisite hotel for pleasure seeker to unwind

Renowned developer, Prince Kazeem Eletu errects exquisite hotel for pleasure seeker to unwind

From Taiwo Oluwadare, Ibadan

Erected in the heart of the illustrious county of Osapa London, Lagos State, is KRoyal Apartment, an abode of solace and tranquillity, decently furnished to offer luxuriousness at a conducive price. The brainwork of property genius, Prince Kazeem Eletu Austin Odibo, KRoyal Apartment is indeed a traveller's resort built to exude charm, grandiose, excellence and also, bridge the gap between science and the aesthetics of nature.

From the outside, this magnificent edifice emanates such brilliance that ushers you in with panache. The bricks are colourfully arrayed with an exceptional architectural expertise, submerging imagination. As for the interior, it is well decorated with a unique exquisiteness which truly defines comfort and hospitality.

Legally commissioned for business in June 2017, KRoyal Apartment has flung open the door for all lovers of Luxury and Royalty who are in dire need of a home away from home experience at a competitive price. You and your families can now be hosted to a remarkable experience during weekdays and weekends in a majestic two bedroom, fully furnished for comfortableness.

The staffs constitute a conspicuously distinguishing factor at KRoyal Apartment. Smartly decorated to lavish magnetic smiles with a first class customer approach right from the very point of entry, you are quick to acclimatise to this altogether friendly environment, making your dreams more fulfilling.

As regards the facilities, the owners have ensured occupants enjoy maximum comfort beyond their expense. With Uninterrupted Power Supply, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Well-Furnished Living Rooms, Cosy Bedrooms, Free Pick Up From the Airport with Mobile Escort ,Free Wi-Fi and lots more, KRoyal Apartment is saddled to make your hotel experience a lot better.

Prince Kazeem Austin Eletu Odibo, the veteran businessman stepped into the shoes of his father and began an illustrious path to greatness when he tied the knot with his beloved wife in 2014.

This business tycoon possesses an inherent resourcefulness to convert clay to gold. Whilst it is not out of place to induce that our amiable genius made a gallant entry into real estate in 2008, his imminent success can actually be traced back to 2002 when he built his first house at Osapa London and ever since, he has built many houses. He is indeed a man with high class intelligence and incredible business competence. He is founder and CEO of ‘Kazeem Royal Property', a company designated to provide comfortable and decent shelter and infrastructure. In a bid to accomplish the vision of the firm, Prince Kazeem Austin Eletu has in previous years singlehandedly sponsored the construction of better roads and other social infrastructures in the remote suburb of Osapa London where the company is located.

For more enquiries and to make your reservation, please call 0813337104

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